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About Me


My name is Eugenia Beatriz González. I was born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela, and I currently reside in the city of Philadelphia. 
I have worked as a graphic design consultant in Venezuela and the United States since 1986. I specialize in branding. My latest works include book covers, packaging, and label designs. I also did graphic design and marketing consulting for various architectural firms. 


From a very young age, I was attracted to art, style, and color. Because of my family’s business, I studied textile design in Bogotá. In this region, I was introduced to a different palette of cold and earthly colors, since where I come from the sun shines all year long and the colors are fluorescent and alive. 
I moved to the United States to study industrial design at the Philadelphia College of Art (PCA). There I learned about minimalism. Years later I continue to study graphic design at UArts, formerly PCA. This continuing education keeps my designs clean and classic, timeless. 
I enjoy the challenge of creating and meeting customer expectations. It's like a dance, guessing, visualizing the future, and creating something that doesn't exist out of anything, through which a message is translated and communicated in a direct and straightforward way, so that everyone, regardless of their level of education, understands the meaning ofthe brand or logo.

A client needed a business card, and I responded with a design, both classic and elegant, that truly reflected her company identity. Afterwards, she said, “That card is like money in the bank –everyone I hand it to is so impressed they want to do business with me.”

The above story illustrates my personal philosophy towards design for my clients. It involves working as a team to meet their needs, using an innovative and unique approach, and making them stand out from the competition. Doing this requires research, listening to the client's requirements, and a vision of the future.

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